Paving bright futures with some excellent GCSE results

Posted on August 12, 2021


It was smiles all around this morning as our GCSE students nervously peeled open their results’ envelopes with anxious parents watching on.

“I wasn’t all that worried until I got out of the car but then the butterflies came! I’m just glad it’s all over as the whole process has been quite stressful. I am so happy and honestly wasn’t expecting these results,” said a beaming Natalie Conboy who achieved an incredible eight Grade 9s and one Grade 8.

England basketballer and Team Bath netball player, Natalie Charity, proved her excellent time management skills with some incredible results (eight Grade 9s and one Grade 8) to match her on-court supremacy. “I put a lot of hard work in and didn’t really have any days off as such. Just being determined has helped as I really want to achieve my ambitions which are ideally playing professional basketball in America and doing medicine at the same time. So, juggling my GCSEs and training is just a prelude to what is to come!

“I have to say that everyone at The Maynard has been so supportive. I learned how to play basketball here, so this is where it all started, and I’m just so grateful for everything!”

It’s been an incredibly successful week for Natalie’s family following her sister, Nicole, achieving a clean sweep of four A*s in her A-levels on Tuesday.

Likewise, Katie Harries was left some somewhat speechless when she learned of her straight 9s across all of her subjects. Katy is one of our top athletes having reached many national cross-country finals whilst also representing Exeter Harriers at shorter distances. “I haven’t even told my mum yet but am looking forward to celebrating later tonight when it has all sunk in!”

Another student to achieve straight 9s was Eleanor Cumbley. “I was just so nervous before I came in but this is so much better than I was expecting. I honestly didn’t sleep a wink last night! I can’t wait to celebrate tonight ‘though now that it is all over!”

Today’s results are justifiably rich rewards for this hard-working year group who were put through their paces with a rigorous four hours of controlled assessments per subject in addition to coursework, where applicable.

“I’m thrilled for them all,” said Headmistress, Sarah Dunn. “I hope they are all feeling very proud of what they have achieved as they have worked so hard throughout their formal assessments. Without a doubt, they have very bright futures to look forward to with every single one of them achieving the necessary grades to take the A-levels of their choice. My heartfelt congratulations to them all!”