Pastoral Care

Whilst it is certainly true that our students achieve excellent academic results, we firmly believe that the girls are able to do so because they are happy at school. The small size of the Maynard as well as its single-sex nature, allow our girls to be just that – girls!

The quality of pastoral care is excellent and pupil’s behaviour is exemplary.

ISI Inspection Report 2016

Our pastoral system is designed to provide a caring and closely monitored environment to ensure that every girl’s school days are happy, secure and successful and that she feels safe and fully supported.

Creating an environment where each individual has their own niche, where everyone feels valued and where all members of the school community can thrive is at the heart of the Maynard School ethos. An emphasis is placed on developing strong bonds between the class groups and across the whole school, with pupils expected to set an example that reflects the principles of compassion, cooperation, personal responsibility and helpfulness.

The success of our pastoral care is evident in the recent ISI report where it is judged as “excellent”, stating that “staff provide excellent support and guidance for pupils throughout the school” and that “relationships between the pupils and staff are outstanding.”

We aim to deal with any concerns sensitively and efficiently. We care about every girl within the school – not just because we want her to thrive and be able to take advantage of all that the school has to offer in its academic, sporting and creative life, but because we want her to be able to take her place in the wider world as a positive and confident individual with a concern for others.

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