Sport is a grounding for so many important aspects of life. Amongst other things, it teaches teamwork, resilience, communication, loyalty and, very importantly, good grace in defeat. The great thing about a girls’ school is that students can get involved in any sport or outdoor activity without any stereotyping or fear of ridicule for having a go.

Physical Education and extra-curricular sport are at the heart of the Maynard School and we provide every student with access to the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to promote life-long participation in physical activity. All girls are given the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of different sports and develop their individual skills, whilst learning the value of teamwork and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. We hope that by the time our students leave us they take with them a lifelong passion for sport..

We are regular Devon champions in the sporting arena for Netball, Hockey, Athletics and Equestrian whilst our Tennis, Swimming and Basketball teams have built an enviable reputation as some of the best in the South West. The School is also host to County and National level sports women in Hockey, Netball, Swimming, Rowing, Jiu Jitsu, Athletics, Sailing, Equestrian and Gymnastics.

The Maynard invests heavily in our sports programme. We hire the very best coaches available, and have access to some of the South West’s premier sporting facilities through our association with the University of Exeter and other amenities. With a Headmistress who founded the successful High Performance Sports Programme in Plymouth, you can guarantee that our sporting supremacy is set to further improve.

The Maynard operates in excess of 60 extra-curricular clubs throughout each term, many of which are sports based. These are an excellent way to extend our elite performers and provide extra practice for all those keen to improve. We also support students in their endeavours outside of school and have had seen many individual successes in Equestrian, Athletics, Gymnastics, Sailing, Rowing, Ballet and Jiu Jitsu.

Our multi-dimensional sports programme for our most senior pupils has given students the opportunity to take part in a wide range of sports over the year, and this year students have enjoyed Aerobics, Pilates, Golf, Fencing, Kick-boxing and Squash as well as the traditional sports on offer. This initiative has focused on the importance of health and fitness and the engagement of our pupils into a life-long love of sport. In addition our Lower 5 (Year 10) Sports Leaders run multi-sport sessions for Year 3 pupils from the local primary school for a term.

Junior and Pre-Prep Sport

In the Junior School, pupils participate in many team sports, including netball, hockey, rounders and basketball, but we also foster individual pursuits such as swimming, tennis, gymnastics and dance with the hope of encouraging exercise for health as much as for competition.

All of our pupils experience a term of early morning Yoga, helping to wake them up and be ready for their day, improve their balance, strength and flexibility whilst having fun and learning to be body confident. Junior School pupils enjoy a term of swimming lessons, while our Pre-Prep girls swim once a week for two terms, enabling them to strengthen their individual skills.The Tennis Academy run by Jon Rycroft offers coaching to pupils in years 4-6 before school three times a week, and we also run after school Netball and Basketball clubs. We also offer ballet lessons once a week, taught by a specialist teacher.

Sports Scholarship Award (for 13+ entry)

Each year the school offers Sports Scholarships at 13+ (external applicants only) to students who have displayed excellence in sport and show evidence of further potential together with a lively interest in the subject. Scholars will be expected to play an active part in the sporting life at The Maynard, including taking part in a number of appropriate school sporting activities throughout their time at the school.

There are also Sixth Form Sports Scholarships awarded each year to committed and enthusiastic sportswomen who demonstrate a high level of sporting ability and a willingness to contribute to the sporting life of the school.

Please contact our Admissions Team on 01392 355998 or [email protected] for more information about Sports Scholarships or to request an application form.