A shining example of a stellar student

Posted on November 30, 2016


Our Year 11 student, Jessica Carr, has recently completed her training at the Norman Lockyer Observatory, a centre for amateur astronomy, meteorology and radio astronomy based in Sidmouth. This experience involved demonstrating her competence in the use of the controls and also giving presentations to the public. As her supervisor, Mac Currie, explains:

“Jess now fully understands and can demonstrate the daily and annual motion of the stars; how latitude affects our view of the night sky; and the precession of the poles and equinoxes over 25,800 years. Her presentations display her comprehensive knowledge of the constellations and the navigation stars, in addition to an interesting mix of mythology and the evolution of stars.”

As a result of her efforts the NLO chairman presented her with her own key for the starball which means that she can now practise unsupervised, whenever she wishes, in order to be ready for presentations at public events.

Her enormous talent was highlighted by Mr Currie: “Jess has a stellar future ahead, hopefully in Astrophysics or Cosmology. She has the intellect, charisma and communication skills to excel in whatever direction she chooses. Her parents, her school and the NLO will be very proud of her.” Well done, Jessica!