Singing to the St Thomas Dementia Group

Posted on December 11, 2019


The entire Year 5 recently performed at the St Thomas Dementia Group ‘Remember that Song’ session and certainly impressed all those who were there. The coordinator of the event wrote in to express her gratitude and her comments made us extremely proud of the girls:

“Thank you SO much for your visit to Remember that Song today. You should be feeling really proud of the girls in every way – musically, of course, but also in their superbly courteous behaviour and willingness to join in with whatever was thrown at them. I particularly enjoyed their ‘Von Trapp Family’ exit!

My colleagues and I are in receipt of all sorts of messages this evening from carers, who so appreciated the Maynard input today. Because we know our members so well, we were very aware throughout that three members of our group (with fairly advanced dementia) were ‘awake’ and engaged when the girls were singing and they so loved it when the girls joined in the ‘reindeer’ chase across the hall. This is a real achievement!

So, thank you very, very much. And all good wishes for the rest of term (and we do so hope you’ll come again at some point…).”