“Parents of a bright girl in Exeter are spoiled for choice: co-ed or single sex. Take a spreadsheet approach and you’ll end up having a statistical breakdown. Take the line that the goal of education is the attainment of selfhood and you’ll start getting somewhere. This Guide doesn’t take sides, obviously. We simply note that The Maynard is a heartstealer.”

– The Good Schools Guide

Choosing a Sixth Form can be a tough decision and, generally speaking, nearly every independent school in the land will boast of their expensive facilities, varied course offerings and fantastic extra-curricular activities – which, it goes without saying, also abound here at The Maynard!

However, our absolute and proven stand-out statistic that sets us off from the crowd is very simple; as the oldest girls school in the country, we are the undisputed experts at teaching girls in an environment especially adapted to allow our students to absolutely thrive, prosper and smash through any glass ceilings.

It is a proven statistic that girls do better, in terms of educational attainment, at single-sex schools (Dr Alice Sullivan – Institute of Education, University of London).

Quite apart from being the top independent school in Devon for A-level results (as well as the Sunday Times Southwest Secondary Independent School of the Year), The Maynard Sixth Form is an oasis of friendship and laughter, of adventures and countless happy memories. ‘There’s nothing buttoned up about it,’ observes the Good Schools Guide, ‘no sixth formers dressed like office workers’.

So it you want to spend the happiest two years of your life at a school that genuinely knows you as an individual, where opportunity abounds through an abundance of extra-curricular opportunities and where a first class education is an absolute given, then look no further!

“I was convinced that co-ed schooling was the right choice for both my son and daughter but since Daisy has been at the Maynard I am a convert! Being a teenager in a single sex environment has allowed her to be totally at ease. She never once thinks she “can’t be seen” to be getting stuck into everything that is sent her way. It’s cool to want to do well, it’s cool to be seen to be trying, it’s cool to be in the play, the choir, to try for sports teams. My only sadness is there wasn’t a Maynard for boys near us!”

– Parent

Our Admissions Office is always open and if you do have anything you would like to discuss, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We hope to be open for tours soon, so do please give us a call and we will try to arrange for you to experience The Maynard in person.

In the meantime, enjoy this insight in to our wonderful school and we look forward to seeing you soon!

With very best wishes,

From us all here at The Maynard