Remote Academic & Pastoral Care

From the outset of lockdown we have tried to keep everything as normal as possible. The Lower Sixth curriculum has stuck to its original routine from day one. The girls have received all their lessons via live teaching in Teams in real time and have performed fantastically. 

In turn, with the cancellation of their GCSEs, our Upper 5 (Year 11) cohort have embarked upon a rigorous Foundation A-level programme during the Summer Term with bespoke courses to help meet the following aims:

  • To maintain essential skills already developed 
  • To nurture new skills for the A-level courses
  • To develop a more profound engagement with their subject
  • To explore material relevant to the course – all content essential to A-level study will be formally retaught come September 

They have been joined for these classes by many of the September joiners and it has been a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other ahead of meeting in person!

The Upper 5s have also been studying for their Extended Project Qualification which, in normal circumstances, we would only offer as an option for girls during the Lower Sixth. However the unique circumstances this year call for different measures and we rolled out this qualification earlier than usual to our Upper 5 cohort, providing them with the opportunity to complete the equivalent of an AS Level before even entering the Sixth Form!

Remote Pastoral Care 

Pastorally, we have looked to maintain that link through tutors meeting with their forms virtually. We have also used The Maynard Baccalaureate programme, with activities focused on intellectual development and personal and physical wellbeing to make sure they are continuing to balance their lives out appropriately. Equally, we have not missed a beat with university preparation. Via a combination of Teams or , more recently, by bringing them on-site in small groups for UCAS preparation seminars and individual tutor meetings, all our students have received the individual support they need.