Sixth Former wins prestigious Oxford University essay prize

Posted on October 5, 2018


Huge congratulations to Chloe Lamb (Upper 6), for winning the politics section of the Oxford University’s Stubbs Society essay prize for her complex piece entitled: War is the continuation of politics by other means (Clausewitz 1780-1831). Discuss.

Chloe was originally one of 10 shortlisted for this prestigious award for showing the “most impressive aptitude in their particular discipline” and, such is her sheer modesty, she travelled to Oxford on Saturday 29 September 2018 for the award ceremony totally oblivious of what was about to unfold! “It was a total surprise!” she said later, once her feet had hit the ground again.

The Stubbs Society, founded in 1884, is Oxford University’s oldest and most illustrious historical society so it is a truly incredible achievement to have won this competition and our enormous congratulations to this truly talented Sixth Former.