“Sparkling with promise” – award-winning author is one of our biggest fans!

Posted on March 15, 2019


We were delighted and thrilled to receive some superlative feedback from award-winning author, Claire Barker, following her recent visit to the Junior School on World Book Day. We couldn’t have written this ourselves!

“As a children’s author with two series of books on the go, I visit many schools as part of my working life, but I must confess The Maynard is close to my heart.

First of all, experience has shown me that this is an extraordinary school, enabling and empowering girls to change the world. The moment I step over the threshold I have always had the sense that that, here, remarkable things are possible. The teaching is exceptional of course as are the resources, but there is more at work here. This school family (because it is a family) has something extra; everyone in it sparkles with promise. I’ve been a regular visitor for several years and I always leave feeling full of hope and happiness, swinging my suitcase and missing everyone as soon as I pull out of the drive.”