‘Top of the Bench’ Chemistry Day at the University

Posted on December 17, 2018


On Wednesday 12 December, a group of our Senior Students travelled to the University of Exeter to attend the Royal Society of Chemists ‘Top of the Bench’ competition. As Mr MacDonald reports:

“It was broken down into three sections; two practical challenges and a multiple choice quiz, all carried out in the science teaching laboratories. The practical challenges required the girls to work together as a team to carry out a series of titrations designed to assess the acidity and alkalinity of various materials. The second practical came without any instructions and the girls had to work out how to approach the challenge, based on their earlier work. I thought it was a very well designed day with a great deal of teamwork and problem solving required. Whilst we did not win any prizes on this occasion the girls had a great time and we will certainly be returning.”