Workshop with the British Cartographic Society

Posted on January 29, 2024


Plucky Upper 4 Geographers took on roles in humanitarian aid, search and rescue, military and medical aid in a fascinating disaster relief mapping workshop, led by the British Cartographic Society.

In the two-hour ‘Restless Earth’ workshop, girls learned about the Japanese earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster of 2011, and were tasked with mimicking organisations like the UN in producing maps to support the aid workers. Groups rose to the challenge with gusto and produced both large and small scale maps just like the invaluable maps that would have been used to save lives in real life disasters. They included minute details such as the extent of tsunami damage, the nuclear exclusion zone, areas for shelter, transport networks and more.

Thank you so much to the brilliant BCS representatives who visited us, passing on important skills for girls choosing to study Geography at GCSE!