World Book Day 2024!

Posted on March 7, 2024


Today was World Book Day – always a crowd pleaser at The Maynard! Girls of all ages had a riotous time celebrating everything books, books, books. Whether their favourite reads are classic fantasy, modern sci-fi, thrilling mystery or something in-between, there was something for absolutely everyone to enjoy.

Just a few of today’s activities…

  • As always, a fantastic selection of book-themed fancy dress in the Pre-Prep and Junior School!
  • A Pre-Prep and Junior assembly featuring a great guessing game, with teachers reading our their favourite book passages and girls decoding which book they’re from.
  • Over in the Senior School, girls got creative and decorated classroom doorways just like a book cover, but on a much bigger scale!
  • Upper 3 (Year 7) and Lower 4 (Year 8) were on the edge of their seats in a workshop with best-selling children’s author, Hana Tooke, creating their own mystery stories guided by prompts.
  • For a tasty lunchtime treat, girls designed gingerbread with a book character of choice. Of course, their works of art also made scrumptious snacks after the fact!