Young Enterprise ‘Bee Bothered’ cards on sale

Posted on December 11, 2019


As this year’s Maynard School Young Enterprise Team, our aim is to raise awareness for the endangerment of our bees, who help to fertilise plants and therefore maintain their essential position in our food chain.

Please can you help us out?

Our locally sourced cards and envelopes are produced from recycled paper, our designs from eco-friendly, lino-printed paint, and our gold stamp from reused candle wax. The hand-folded newspaper hearts at their centre are filled with verbena bonariensis seeds, dried and packaged by us, that can be planted in Spring and grow into beautiful purple flowers. Perfect for the bees!

The cards cost £2.99 each or 4 for £10. If you are interested in buying our lovely cards you can order them through [email protected]