Off to Haldon Forest Year 1 go!

Posted on June 19, 2024


An idyllic natural paradise just 15 minutes from Exeter, Haldon Forest was the perfect place for Year 1 to go on an exciting adventure!

Guided by Jen, the friendly Forest Ranger, girls enjoyed a lovely walk along the popular Discovery trail, winding through conifer trees and seeing an expansive view of the city and surrounding countryside. The 1,500 hectares of forest across the Haldon Hills is absolutely teeming with wildlife: the class had great fun spotting all the different species and visited the feeding station to see the wide range of birds which stop by. Finally, a fun trip to the wild play area was in order before it was time for tired legs to get back on the minibuses and head home.

Well done everyone for brilliant behaviour and eagle-eyed wildlife spotting!