Superb A-level Results for The Maynard

Posted on August 18, 2022


Remote Learning provision “saved the day”! 

The Maynard celebrates A-level success 

  • 32% of all grades are A*  
  • 38% A*s including Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) 
  • 67% = A*-A 
  • Half the year group achieves straight A*/A grades in all their exams 
  • 100% pass rate 
  • 66% A* at the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) 
  • 87% A*/A/B for A-level and EPQ combined 

Students at The Maynard School in Exeter were quick to credit their teachers for a spread of remarkable A-level results, despite the disruption of the coronavirus pandemic. 

“Our remote learning provision definitely saved the day,” said Lauren who will be taking up her place to study Medicine at Cardiff University, courtesy of an incredible A*/A*/A in Chemistry, Biology and Maths. “At no point did we feel left behind during the pandemic. Our teachers were always there for us, replying immediately to emails and they were just brilliant throughout which made all the difference! It feels weird to finally have these results, but I am so happy. Even though we didn’t take our GCSEs due to covid, I feel that we were prepared and, except perhaps for the first exam, it wasn’t too nerve wracking.” 

Another budding medic is Poppy who was delighted to achieve a clean sweep of A*s in Biology, Chemistry and Maths to secure her place at the University of Exeter: “I was so scared this morning and wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m shocked, amazed and delighted in equal measure!” Based on her own experiences, Poppy explains how the doctors and nurses she has encountered during life have inspired her: “I’ve always been involved with medicine and spent a lot of time in hospitals from a young age, so this seemed like a natural career to pursue.” 

In total, all three students who applied for Medicine this year have successfully achieved the necessary grades with Flo concreting her place at Southampton University with straight As in Biology, Chemistry and Maths. “I’m so chuffed with these results and I can’t really believe it. It just seems so unreal.” Asked how she would be celebrating, she added, “We’ll probably go and have a barbeque on the beach although it might rain!” 


The Maynard is renown for its success in the STEM subjects and, for an all girls’ school, it always bucks the trend with 50% of its students going on to study these subjects at degree level.  

Superstar kitesurfer, Anna, is another such example and, having come straight from the beach to pick up her results, was delighted to learn she had achieved a clean sweep of four A*s. She will be taking her place at Swansea University (carefully selected due to its proximity to the beach!) to study Maths and Sports Science via a gap year during which she will be competing at international level in kitesurfing all around the world before settling in Zanzibar to teach other budding watersports fans. “I’m a strong believer in ‘work hard, play hard’ and I found my kitesurfing was such a great release from my studies each day and vital to freshen me up!” 


Meanwhile, two students will be studying for their degrees abroad: Jess (A*, A*, B) has a 100% tennis scholarship to Weber State University in Utah, USA and Sophie, who achieved three A*s in English Literature, Religious Studies and History will travel to Canada the day after Results Day to take up her place at McGill. “It’s a really nice environment, very international and I was also born there. So, I’m majoring in English Literature and then I will probably minor in Theology, but I can do lots of different modules which is part of the attraction. I am so excited although a little nervous as well, but I know it is the right decision for me!” 

She added, “The effort that the teachers put in to get us through the pandemic definitely made all the difference. They would always say to us that we were in a really good position going into the exams – and they were right! All their efforts paid off and I’m just so grateful!” 


The Maynard was also delighted that all three of its 100% scholarship students who joined the Sixth Form via the St John’s Hospital Foundation Trust achieved straight A*/As. 

“After all that has happened in the past two years, I couldn’t be prouder of them all,” said Headmistress, Sarah Dunn. “The Class of 2022 have proven themselves to be exceptional students and these are very just rewards. This whole year group epitomises immense courage, resilience and incredible determination and I feel convinced that, in years to come, they will all look back and be able to reflect upon how they overcame adversity and went on to achieve remarkable things. 

“I must also wholeheartedly thank all the staff who have been absolutely instrumental in these successes, as the girls have testified. We are exceptionally fortunate that our culture has a strong focus on wellbeing, while our teaching is based upon the individual and building confidence whether that be in the classroom or via more remote methods. Without doubt, the tireless efforts of our staff, in addition to the sheer talents of our students, has culminated in the huge successes that we are all celebrating today.”