Three more upcoming careers talks

Posted on November 22, 2019


We are looking forward to our next Biz Whizz careers talks taking place on Friday 29 November 2019. We have three incredibly talented and successful speakers booked covering the Armed Forces (with a particular focus on the RAF), the realm of opportunities within the entertainment industry (by Emmy Award winning film editor) and Artificial Intelligence, particularly the cutting-edge of voice technologies to simplify human-machine communication.

These sessions take place every month and always feature a vast range of interesting careers. It is compulsory for every student in Years 10 and 11 to sign up to one of the talks and Sixth Formers are welcome to attend those of particular interest to them. We are, as ever, hugely grateful to all of our speakers who give so willingly of their time to inspire and inform the next generation of work force. The impact their talks have on our students is quantifiable and we know of several girls whose onward steps, be it their A-level choices, degree subjects or career paths beyond education have become so much clearer and directional thanks to the lunchtime Biz Whizz sessions.