Individual Music Tuition

Our Music Department offers individual tuition on a range of instruments via our dedicated team of peripatetic music teachers. We can arrange lessons for Piano, Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Guitar, Harp), Woodwind (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Saxophone), Brass (Trumpet, Horn, Trombone), Percussion (Orchestral and Drum kit) and Singing.

Lessons are timetabled on a rota system and are generally 30 minutes in length. Lessons can vary in length according to the standard of the pupil with 20 minute lessons available for the beginner and longer lessons for more advanced students.

How much do lessons cost?

The fee for individual music lessons for the academic year 2023-2024 is £38 per hour (pro rata), payable per term.

A term of 10 lessons cost the following:

20 minutes = £127

30 minutes = £190

40 minutes = £254

In addition, there is a termly administration charge of £1.75.

Group lessons may be available at £19.00 per hour on instruments if there are a two or more young players wanting to start on the same instruments.

How do I give notice that I would like my daughter to stop having lessons?

Parents should note that half a term’s notice to visiting Music Teachers in writing is required should they wish to terminate individual instrumental lessons or change teachers within the department. If this is not received, half a term’s fees will be charged in lieu of notice.

What happens if my daughter misses a lesson?

If a lesson is missed because the school has organised an educational visit out of school you will not be charged. The school informs staff in advance of educational visits but, as a matter of courtesy, girls are asked to inform staff of such an absence in advance. Lessons missed by the student for any other reason will be charged for. If your daughter misses her lesson due to illness please ensure that her instrumental teacher is informed either directly or by contacting the school office. Parents should give as much notice as possible for cancellations, as staff are not able to respond to texts and messages at short notice. If a lesson is missed because the visiting Music Teacher is absent, the lesson will be rearranged as soon as possible. If this cannot be done you will not be charged for the missed lesson. If the school building has to close for an extended period, lessons will continue online and the usual notice period should be observed. Please note that lunchtime music lessons (as opposed to lessons during the school day) are prioritised for senior school pupils.

Does the school have an instrument that my daughter can use?

The school has a number of instruments for hire at £25 per term. For all enquiries about individual music tuition, please contact our Director of Music and Performing Arts, Miss Angela Blackwell, on [email protected] or 01392 273417.