Making the transition from a year group of nearly 200 students in a co-ed school to the Maynard seemed daunting, but what I have found I like most is its size. The staff know every student by name and have a close relationship with each of us. This creates a supportive and encouraging environment, whilst challenging and inspiring. We are able to email them at weekends, in the evening and during holidays and receive a fast response. They are always helpful and encourage us to achieve in all areas, by inspiring us to be individuals and not just statistics. They support us in achieving a balance between work and extracurricular, through encouraging us to play sport, join clubs and have fun. This has helped me feel prepared for life beyond the Maynard but also stay calm throughout my exams.

Scarlett Gray, Upper 6 student.

My time at Maynard was not only formative in terms of the impressive academic grounding I received, but also in giving me the chance to explore other interests. The extracurricular opportunities were always rewarding and diverse – above all I loved the warm atmosphere that gave me the confidence that I could achieve my ambitions.

Zoe Flood, BAFTA-winning journalist and producer, leaver 2001.

We chose the Maynard School for our daughter because she is shy and quiet and could be overlooked in a large class. At The Maynard school she is treated as an individual and help and support are tailored specifically to her needs. They have taken the time to understand how to get the best from her and she is thriving personally and achieving excellent academic results.

Laurel Clark (current parent)

I asked my girls what they enjoyed about The Maynard. They both replied independently. ‘The head, the teachers, the lessons and my friends. I love it all. I love my school’. What a lovely thought for a parent to feel their girls are so very happy, yet achieving to their best ability.

Marie Evans (current parent)

I was convinced that co-ed schooling was the right choice for both my son and daughter but since Daisy has been at the Maynard I am a convert! Being a teenage in a single sex environment has allowed her to be totally at ease. She never once thinks she “can’t be seen” to be getting stuck into everything that is sent her way. It’s cool to want to do well, it’s cool to be seen to be trying, it’s cool to be in the play, the choir, to try for sports teams. My only sadness is there wasn’t a Maynard for boys near us!

Emma Birkin (current parent)

Pupils benefit from close, supportive relationships with each other and with the staff, and the staff understand each pupil’s individual needs.

ISI 2016

One of the things which we have always been tremendously impressed by is the Maynard Girls’ ‘can do’ attitude.   Our girls have developed the most fantastic self-belief and are frequently encouraged to take on new challenges which are thrown at them, be they academic, physical or social.

Lady Rebecca Wharton (current parent)

As a family, we have been involved with the Maynard School over many years. Our daughter has greatly benefited from the small size of the Sixth Form. This has meant her tutors know her well, have encouraged her accordingly and strengthened her self-belief. She has also had support from them which has enabled her to have a very full and varied extra-curricular life both in School and out.

Caroline Rutter (recent parent)

Choosing the Maynard for our daughters has, without doubt, been one of the best decisions we have ever made.  Our girls have become very happy independent young women.  The school has given them the opportunity and confidence to spread their wings in a very caring and considerate way.  The standard of teaching is exceptional and the staff offer support and encouragement, not forgetting an element of fun.

Allison Howle (current parent)

Pupils make excellent progress as a result of the excellent teaching they receive.

ISI 2016

Our three daughters have all been through The Maynard, from seven to 18 years old, and they have loved every minute of it! It’s a joy listening to them recall their Maynard days – the fun they had, the friends they made and the enthusiastic and dedicated teachers they loved! They feel that they were part of a big, happy family. The Maynard certainly gave our daughters the best possible start for life after School.

Chrissy Austin (recent parent)

The Junior School for them was full of laughter and happiness. Mr Smerdon and his staff provided great nurturing for the girls as well as the foundation of knowledge to prepare them for the senior school. They are now both thriving in the Senior School.

Marie Evans (current parent)

Pupils’ personal development is excellent and a strength of the school.

ISI 2016

It goes without saying the teaching is exemplary, the exam results speak for themselves. With that kind of record, I was concerned there was a touch of the “hot house” about the Maynard but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The drive to do well comes from the girls themselves. There is no pressure, no outlandish expectations just a huge amount of support, guidance, encouragement.

Emma Birkin (current parent)