Keeping up with the Law

Posted on March 29, 2021


It has been a Law filled week with external speakers joining in the Lower 5 (Year 10) tutorial sessions as part of the PSHE programme. We welcomed ‘Magistrates in the Community’ via Teams conferencing, who talked about the structure of the Law Courts in England and how magistrates contribute to this. They also organised a task where the students looked at different crimes and had to decide which was the most serious – quite a tricky task, with some debate!

We have also benefitted hugely this year from the hard work and enthusiasm of the Exeter University Law Group. They have helped us in a huge range of activities ranging from videos on what it is like to go to university for the Upper 4, to assemblies on American Law & Politics for the whole school during the elections in the USA. They have also run some wonderful mentoring sessions on Zoom during the lunchtime for the Sixth Form and Upper 5 students, where they could ask any questions they might have. We covered all sorts of interesting topics from how to become a lawyer, how to prepare for going to university, how to make the most of your first year at university and choosing your university accommodation. They have also just delivered two workshops to the Lower 5 on Criminal Law and Human Rights. These were really interesting, interactive sessions covering a whole range of legal terms and concepts. We are really grateful for their brilliant input into school life throughout the year. We still have an assembly on the laws surrounding drug use & consent and we are looking forward to those in the near future.