Local students fight for justice in Mock Trial

Posted on March 14, 2024


Yesterday, we set up our very own court and invited around 60 aspiring lawyers from West Exe School, Axe Valley Academy, Blundell’s School, St Peter’s Church of England Voluntary Aided School and our own Maynardians to test their skills with a fully fledged Mock Trial. Beginning with a lovely supper provided by Andrew and our catering team, eight Law students from the University of Exeter then did a fabulous job of leading the evening with Judge David Tyzer – retired crown court judge – at the helm of the trial itself, meaning that students could fully immerse themselves in the experience.

There were plenty of roles available for everyone in order to replicate an actual court case with a Prosecution, Defence and witnesses. The room buzzed with engaged discussion to prepare the case, having been provided with key statements and a detailed scenario. After superb delivery by all students, who showed excellent questioning and acting skills, a jury of all schools and a final verdict by the Law students declared the Defence as the winners.

With such a unique firsthand experience to explore the inner workings of the criminal justice system, attendees came away even more inspired to pursue their career ambitions!