Storming success: The Caucasian Chalk Circle

Posted on March 15, 2019


The three night run of the Senior School production of Brecht’s ‘Caucasian Chalk Circle’ on 6-8 March 2019 has been hailed another almighty success for our thriving Drama Department. 

The stark scenery, the intimate seating, the sound, lighting and costumes all perfectly reflected the ghastly war era and the sad story of Brecht’s ‘Grusha’, the young girl who sacrifices everything to rescue, and lovingly raise, an abandoned baby but then faces losing him when his real mother returns a few years later. But it was the acting, so beautifully crafted for dramatic effect and timed to utter perfection that stole the show. For all of Mrs Bellamy’s sleepless nights and last-minute nerves, she had nothing whatsoever to worry about and the entire production pulled off yet another complete and utter triumph.

Congratulations to the cast, backstage crew and many others who pooled so many different and brilliant talents to produce one almighty show that will live in our memories for a very long time to come!